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Email Sent To Peter Newman Chief Inspector Of Coal Mines. North Goonyella Over 3 Years. No Public Prosecutions. Release The RSHQ Investigation Report

Email sent to Peter Newman Chief Inspector of Coal Mines. North Goonyella over 3 Years. No Public Prosecutions. Release the RSHQ Investigation Report

To Peter Newman 

Chief Inspector of Coal Mines;
It is now over 3 years since the spontaneous combustion and explosions that closed North Goonyella.
A number of weeks ago RSHQ stated
“The Queensland Mines Inspectorate has completed its investigation of the underground fire that occurred at North Goonyella mine in 2018 and Resources Safety and Health Queensland has commenced an enforcement process in respect of persons who held statutory positions at the mine at the time,” an RSHQ spokesman said.
There has not been any public listing of any prosecutions.
Therefore if any enforcement action has been undertaken, it is obviously a lower level compliance action which is likely completed.
Could you please reply on what is the current status?
When will RSHQ release a public statement about what “enforcement action” has occurred?
When will RSHQ release its Investigation Report?
Lastly Peter show some sort of scruples with a reply.
Please do not send a short email saying you will get back to me by a certain time.
Your history of failing to abide by your promised time frames is lengthy.
You have no excuses left not to release the Investigation Report.
Time has expired.
Yours in Safety 
Stuart Vaccaneo
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