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Queensland’s Coal Mine Safety – About Queensland’s Mining Crisis

Usually, a Mining Disaster is defined as Three (3) or more workers losing their lives in a single event.

That is not correct.

Each Single Mine Worker Deaths is a Disaster.

A Disaster for the Family and Friends

A Disaster for their workmates at the MineSite.

A Disaster for the Mining Community where they reside.

Every Amputation, or Permanent Incapacitating Injury that costs the Miner their job at the Mines causes a Disaster for them and their Dependents

The Queensland Mining Industry and in particular the Coal Mining Industry is suffering from a deep seated and long term cancer that is costing the Miners of Queensland their Lives and Health.

This website is being set up to provide information setting out information that will hope to educate Queensland Coal Mine Workers and the General Public in how the Industry in Queensland has reached a point of such appalling oversight.

Eight(8) Miners killed in the last 2 years in Queensland Mines

Methane Ignition at Grosvenor Mine resulting in significant burns to 5 men.

North Goonyella evacuated and sealed from the surface in 2018 due to out of control spontaneous combustion

In my view the current Qld Mines Department oversight is the worst it has been since I started in the Mines in 1982 and likely since 1925 when the first Coal Mining Act was introduced.

As well the site will have reference documents on methane and methane ignitions, Mining Disasters and the Royal Commissions

It will take time to set up properly and will be an ongoing project and hope to have some information up tomorrow night.

Yours In Safety

Stuart Vaccaneo

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