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30 Year Qld Govt Secret Leivesley Moura No 4 Explosion Review

Three (3) State Government Secret Reports that refute the Flame Safety Lamp as the cause of the
Moura No 4 Mine Disaster have been kept from the Coal Mining Workers and the General Public for 30 years.

Because the Minister of the time took it to Cabinet and it has been kept under Cabinet in Confidence and this is due to expire in December this year

Twelve Underground Coal Mine Workers were lost in the Disaster.

The first is a Report by Dr Sally Leivesley and Dr K Ramaniuk written on the 12 September 1988.

The second is a report prepared by a “comprehensive multidisciplinary research team was set up
to re-examine all the original and new evidence.”

According to written evidence a further report was then prepared by SIMTARS.
The Third, is a major report was presented to the Queensland Government by SIMTARS in May

These reports need to be comprehensively searched for in the relevant archives and if found
released to the public.


Moura 4 – Review of Evidence. Leivesley & Romaniuk.30 Year Qld Govt Secret Leivesley Moura Report

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