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Moura No 2

The Explosion at No 2 Mine and the subsequent Wardens Inquiry and its Recommendations were instrumental in drafting of the Coal Mining Act 1999 and the Safety and Health Regulations 2001.

Competencies of Management and Safety and Health Management Systems were huge drivers for changes required from the 1925 Act which came into place 4 years after the Mount Mulligan Disaster that cost 75 men their lives.

The two documents below are the Mining Wardens Report.

The Brady Moura 2 Review was done by John Brady in 2005.

John was one of the 4 Panel Members assisting Frank Windridge the Mining Warden.



Brady Moura-2-Review-Report (2)

Mining Warden Moura 2 (1)

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  1. These are 2 great reports and are so worth the read.
    I questions I’d like to pose out of this are 1) What has changed?
    2) What have we learnt?
    3) Has our risk management framework set out within the current legislation run its course and now being circumvented by Mining companies.

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