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Proactive_Measures_for_Fatality_Prevention_in_the_Mining (1)


Proactive Measures for Fatality Prevention in the Mining Why Fatalities Persist While Lost Time Injuries Decline
C A J Towsey


This paper confronts the industry with the attitudes of some mining
managers, such as one that allowed fatalities to occur in the case of a
gold mining company at a rate of one death per 150 000 ounces of gold
produced while claiming their safety record has improved, as shown by a
falling LTIFR, and viewing fatality reductions as a long-term goal instead
of an immediate priority.
A quantum shift in management attitudes is required to focus on
proactive measurements to detect the indicators of an impending disaster,
and to predict conditions conducive to fatalities. Corporate CEOs are
challenged to attend the funerals of all workers killed in the workplace.
CEOs who fail to attend such funerals send a message to employees that
the CEO’s priorities lie elsewhere, and that profits take priority over
workers’ lives. The dichotomy of whether mining companies are run for
the benefit of shareholders or whether companies owe social
responsibility to the community is examined.
The role of individual responsibility for personal safety is examined,
together with the psychology of employees in the mining industry

A number of proactive measurable indicators are suggested to
stimulate discussion on developing robust measuring tools to predict and
therefore prevent fatalitieProactive_Measures_for_Fatality_Prevention_in_the_ (1)

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