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Methane High Potential Incident At Grosvenor Mine?

Methane High Potential Incident at Grosvenor Mine?

For 2 weeks now I have been trying to get a response from the RSHQ CEO Mark Stone, Chief Inspector Peter Newman and lately Resource Minister Scott Stewart’s Adviser about a methane HPI at Grosvenor Mine.

The HPI was reported to be on the LW104A Maingate Sensor and levels of methane detected are alleged to have reached over 5% (explosive). Ventilation Quantity 60 cubic metres per second.

If as stated this would likely be an Australian Record for methane in the maingate of a longwall face.

I have never heard of such concentrations on a longwall maingate sensor; ever.

For this reason I have not said anything publicly until now and sought comment from the RSHQ to either confirm or deny.

I finally got a reply basically stating that it is none of my business what happens on coal mines, and RSHQ releases periodic public safety alerts.

To get 5% Methane in 60m3/s there has to be 3 cubic metres per second of methane.

Given Grosvenor’s history the only scenario that makes sense is an inrush of methane from the Goonyella Lower seam in the floor.

Grosvenor has a documented history of methane inrushes associate with “floor heave” and historically Grosvenor does not attempt to drain the gas from the Goonyella Lower Seam.

The RSHQ Inspectorate allowed Longwall mining to recommence in LW104A les than 2 weeks earlier. 

The emails are below;;; “Resources” <>
Sent: Friday, 4 Mar, 2022 At 6:14 AM
Subject: Grosvenor Mine methane HPI on Longwall


I have been informed that on the 3rd of March 2022 that the Grosvenor Maingate methane sensor was poisoned from a floor blower.
Is this true that there has already been methane HPI’s since you allowed Grosvenor to restart operations?
To:; “Stephanie Kameric” <>
Sent: Tuesday, 15 Mar, 2022 At 3:15 PM
Subject: Fwd: Grosvenor Mine methane HPI on Longwall

To Mark Stone CEO RSHQ

Mark it has been eleven days since I sent you and others the following email.
I have received no response from anyone including yourself.
Could you please either confirm or deny the HPI took place?
For your information, if true that 5%+ was detected by the Maingate Sensor on the longwall that would be at least an Australian Record high exceedance in the Maingate of a longwall.
It is not a hard question Mark.
Certainly not one that requires eleven days.
If you still do not see fit to confirm or deny the HPI took place,  I will be left to assume that the HPI has occurred and the quoted methane in the explosive range level is correct.
Yours In Safety
To: “Stephanie Kameric” <>;
Sent: Wednesday, 16 Mar, 2022 At 11:08 AM
Subject: Fwd: Read: Fwd: Grosvenor Mine Evacuated, Ethylene Detected, Spon Com


While I appreciate the fact that you read these emails, answers to these questions from Mr Stone is what I am after.
These are not hard questions to answer.
Unless Mr Stone is on leave, his refusal to now even send a read receipt is beyond contempt.
How can genuine queries about extremely disturbing events at the Grosvenor Mine be just ignored?
These are coal mine workers lives and livelihoods that are at risk.
Queensland is not a vassal state in Russia.
Can you please help me to get an answer of any description that either confirms or denies the Methane HPI in the maingate of the longwall, and the presence of ethylene in LW104A?
Yours in Safety
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  1. Hi Stuart,
    It would be interesting to see the risk assessment for the longwall extraction of 104A
    it could look like this
    Methane ingress from floor heave

  2. Hi Stuart,
    It would be interesting to see the risk assessment for the longwall extraction of 104A
    it could look like this
    Methane ingress from floor heave
    probability – Low
    Consequence – low

    Controls – fingers crossed.


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