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Procedural non compliance during shotfiring activities “popping” rocks on Longwall Face. At the time of the shot being fired an ERZC was  on return side. The ICAM investigation IN. 160558 was discussed, there were a number of items requiring review due to lack of detail or inappropriate actions recommended.

  • July 13, 2021

Before I return to the Mines Inspectorate MRE's and Methane this MRE gives another insight into how Grosvenor Mines Mandated SHMS Procedures for Specific regulations are followed. MRE - Grosvenor…

“There’s a public interest there from time to time. We have to address public interest, I believe. If someone’s … very badly burnt [for example] we’re obligated to do something about that. Specially when … we investigated [and] found [it was] eminently avoidable.” Queensland Mines Inspector statement from 2008 Ombudsman Report

  • July 11, 2021

This excerpt is from the Ombudsman Report in 2008 on page 101 (126 of 188). Ombudsman Inspectorate 08 If only this sentiment was in existence at the Mines Department (RSHQ).…

Dobson Methane S166 Directive Dec 2016 does not force Grosvenor to take action about controlling methane. All it does is tell the Mine to make sure workers are withdrawn to a place of safety when Methane >2.5 in each place used by a person for normal work or travel and it is immediately reported to the Inspectors.

  • July 10, 2021

I do not believe that the wording of Inspector Dobson's Directive is even appropriate for using a Section 166  Directive to reduce risk. What exactly was the intention of the…