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To Committee Legislative Assembly Qld. Attn Curtis Pitt Speaker Of House. Is It More Important To Protect Potentially Lying Public Servants Than The Safety And Health Of Coal Mine Workers?

To Committee Legislative Assembly Qld. Attn Curtis Pitt Speaker of House. Is it more important to protect potentially lying Public Servants than the Safety and Health of Coal Mine Workers?

210902 S Vaccaneo (1)  (This is the letter from CLA I responded to)

5th September 2021

To Committee of Legislative Assembly Queensland

Attn: CLA Chair Curtis Pitt MP Speaker of Queensland Parliament

Re: CLA response Recommendation 67 of the Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis Select Committee Report No. 2, 55th Parliament, dated the 2nd September 2021.

How is it possible for Queensland Public Servants to be accused of lying and not providing information or misleading information to a Parliamentary Select Committee and nothing happens, not even an Investigation?

It was a Recommendation from the Parliamentary Select Committee.

The Select Committee was Investigating illegal over the limit Respiratory Dust Exposure of Coal Mine Workers in Queensland.

How can you as our duly elected Representatives just accept that a group of Public Servants can be accused of lying to a Parliamentary Select Committee about any Workers Safety, let alone Coal Mine Workers, and not be remotely interested?

Is this not Contempt under the Parliament of Queensland Act 2001?

37 Meaning of contempt of the Assembly

(1) Contempt of the Assembly means a breach or disobedience of the powers, rights or immunities, or a contempt, of the Assembly or its members or committees.

39 Assembly’s power to deal with contempt

 (2) To remove doubt, it is declared that the power includes power to fine the person and impose imprisonment on the person in default of the payment of the fine, as provided for under sections 40 to 45.

 Standing Order 266

(2) deliberately misleading the House or a committee (by way of submission, statement, evidence or petition) (See also s.57 Criminal Code);

 Criminal Law (False Evidence Before Parliament) Amendment Act 2012

57 False evidence before Parliament

‘(1) A person who, during an examination before the Legislative Assembly or a committee, knowingly gives a false answer to a lawful and relevant question put to the person during the examination commits a crime.

Maximum penalty—7 years imprisonment

Then Minister Lynham was informed by the Public Service Commission (PSC) that they could not deal with the matter, and it should be referred to the Parliamentary Ethics Committee.

A month later then Minister Lynham (now newly appointed Chair Gladstone Ports Corporation) has misinformed the Queensland Parliament by stating that the PSC was dealing with the matter.

This is demonstrably false as the Correspondence from the PSC proves

Are the same Public Servants accused of misleading the Select Committee now in charge of RSHQ?

Surely you group of elected Politicians have more scruples than that?

Your excuse that it was a Committee of the Last State Parliament, so “SORRY NOT INTERESTED” is nothing short of disgusting.

How can any group of State Politicians just shrug your shoulders and say we do not care if Public Servants mislead Parliamentary Select Committees?

Public servants getting away with this behaviour has set a precedent for the entire public service.

Public Service Officers can say what they like, avoid scrutiny from the Public Service Commission and the Ethics Committee, then likely be get promoted, then wait out the term of the Parliament.

The public service is laughing at the Parliament and any Select Committees.

Is it more important to protect potentially lying Public Servants than the Safety and Health of Coal Mine Workers?

MISLEADING a Parliamentary Select Committee is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE carrying a penalty of up to 7 years in prison.

On my count that is now Two separate but related potentially Criminal Offences of Misleading Parliament.

Where is Honest Open Government?

Where and when does it become Corruption?

Does the Labour Party Government and Queensland Parliament care about Miners Safety at all?

Have you ever met or know anyone with Pneumoconiosis? Black Lung or Silicosis?

That is a prison term. One for life, a drastically reduced one at that.

How their employment is nearly instantly terminated by the same companies responsible for exposing them to illegal dust concentrations in the first place.

No longer able to play with their children and grandchildren.

Walk up the street with them and having to stop every 20 to 50 metres so they can attempt to catch their breath.

Seen their health deteriorate sitting at home with an Oxygen Bottle their constant companion.

Do you know anyone who has died from it?

No matter what happens in the Coal Mining Industry.

THE MINES INSPECTORATE goes on without Independent Scrutiny in its own CONE of SECRECY.

I just cannot believe how impervious the Mines Department (now RSHQ) is to any sort of Parliamentary or Public scrutiny.

No matter how many miners have been terminated for black lung or silicosis to live or die with it.

No matter how many methane ignitions.

No matter how many spontaneous combustion events closing mines.

No matter how many get burnt.

No matter how many single fatalities we have.

All that happens is that everyone in power says how unacceptable it is.

We will get a full Mines Department (RSHQ) Investigation done.

Some spin doctor gets up and spouts such meaningless dribble as

“We have the toughest mine safety laws in the world”

In the view of many Coal Mine Workers the Queensland Mines Department (RSHQ) is just a sick joke.

When is going to be enough?

The forever entombed miners from Box Flat, Kianga, Moura 2 etc would be rolling in their graves if they had one instead of their bodies being forever lost in the Mine that killed them.

Yours in Safety

Stuart Vaccaneo.


In May 2017 the 55th Parliament Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis Select Committee delivered Report No. 2,

 The committee recommends that the Public Service Commissioner review the transcripts of public and private hearings of the committee involving Queensland public servants and consider the extent to which those officers cooperated with and assisted the committee, including whether or not any public servant misled the committee or otherwise breached the Code of Practice for Public Service Employees Assisting or Appearing Before Parliamentary Committees.

On 21 August 2017, the Public Service Commission issued a formal response to the Committee, “advising that the Committee is best placed to identify and assess whether there are sufficient grounds to recommend that matters be referred to the Assembly’s Ethics Committee as a possible contempt of the Parliament.“

The Minister in a Statement to Parliament on 17th September tabled the Queensland Government response to Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis Select Committee report no. 2—Inquiry into the re-identification of coal workers’ pneumoconiosis in Queensland.

It states that Recommendation 67 had been Actioned.

This by referral to Public Service Commission

It appears from the information, that the Minister has misled Parliament about the status of the Recommendation.


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