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Grosvenor Mine Inquiry KEY ISSUE 6. “The Measures Which Ought To Be Considered Or Investigated For The Purpose Of Avoiding A Similar Serious Accident Occurring In The Future.” RECOMMENDATION 1.  Methane Explosion Research Project And Training For Statutory Officials

Grosvenor Mine Inquiry KEY ISSUE 6. “The measures which ought to be considered or investigated for the purpose of avoiding a similar serious accident occurring in the future.” RECOMMENDATION 1. Methane Explosion Research Project and Training for Statutory Officials

This is the Recommendation and Attached reference documents sent to the Grosvenor Board of Inquiry this afternoon.

Key Issue 6) Measures Considered Avoiding A) Methane Explosion Research and Training 20th April 2021

Faraday Disaster Comments

Farday Lyell 1945 science-in-the-pits

II Report from Messrs Faraday and Lyell to the Rt Hon Sir James Graham bart secretary of state for the home department on the subject of the

1815 Davy Presentation to the Royal Society flame safety lamp (1)


First Report of the Sunderland Society John Buddle

Davy 2015 Conversions

This below is the first page  of the Submission



Methane Explosion Research Project and Training for Statutory Officials

There is an urgent need to conduct a fully public proper research project into Methane Explosions in Underground Coal Mines.

As concurrently as possible proper formal Training and Assessment (including the use of scale models) formal training of Existing and potential Underground Statutory Officials into methane explosions.

This must include the physical and mental effects on underground coal workers, the Survivability chances of Mine workers including first aid, Self-escape and Aided escape; and the actual physical ventilation infrastructure of the mine.

One matter that is blatantly obvious is that there is very little understanding involved in;

  1. Methane Explosions and the After-Affects by the Site Senior Executives, Mine Managers, Ventilation Officers and Researchers. This seems lower than the Scientists and Mining Manager/Engineers in the early 1800’s. I am speaking about Humphry Davy (inventor of Flame Safety Lamp), Michael Faraday and James Buddle. I have attached several documents from Sir Humphry Davy and Sir Michael Faraday
  2. Davy, Faraday and Buddle knew more between them about
  • Methane explosions,
  • the different way workers died from an explosion,
  • transition from Methane to larger coal dust explosion
  • Methane explosion confinement
  • how vital it was to keep ventilation flowing after an explosion,
  • how to build stoppings and other VCD’s with over-pressure “doors”
  1. The likely sources of methane ignition in an underground and the required circumstances for its propagation.
  2. The Difference between a low speed “Unconfined” Explosion and a high speed “Confined” Explosion in a coal mine.
  3. How an “Unconfined” Methane Explosion can change to a “Confined” Methane Explosion, which can then cause a Coal Dust Explosion
  4. “Survivability” chances from Methane Explosion for mineworkers, both in the panel where the explosion occurs and the rest of the Mine; and how is directly related to the degree of “Confinement”.
  5. Impact of current Ventilation Control Devices on the degree of Confinement of the Methane Explosion Overpressure.
  6. Ability of current Ventilation Control Devices to withstand a Methane Explosion, Methane/Dust Explosion, Coal Dust Explosion or Other Overpressure Events; while still staying intact to direct intake ventilation to the areas of the mine where the Methane Explosion occurred.
  7. How the Survivability Chances for Mine Workers both in the immediate aftermath of the explosion and either self-escaping or aided escape (including Mines Rescue) is directly related to how Ventilation Control Devices cope with the Over-pressure and remain sufficiently intact to ventilate the mine as it was just prior to the Methane Explosion.
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