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Middlemount Coal Management Charged Set For Mention In Mackay Magistrates Court Today Over  David Routledge Fatality From Highwall Failure

Middlemount Coal Management Charged Set for Mention in Mackay Magistrates Court today over David Routledge Fatality from Highwall Failure

While most attention has been paid to what has been occurring in the Underground Coal Mines in Queensland, unfortunately with disgusting regularity, fatalities have been occurring in the Open-Cuts and Workshops.

Those charged over the death of Mr Routledge are set for mention in the Mackay Magistrates Court today.

Hopefully the Mines Inspectorate will update the Public after Court action today.

Lest We Forget

The case against three senior managers and a CQ mine operator over the tragic death of South Mackay grandfather David Routledge will be mentioned again in three months.

The 55 year old was crushed to death following a high-wall collapse at Middlemount mine on June 26 last year.

He had been using a digger when part of the high wall collapsed and engulfed the machine just after noon.

Following an investigation into the incident, site senior executive Darren Lee Cuthbertson, mine manager Darrin Brian Milner and open-cut examiner Neville John Whitley were all charged with serious health and safety breaches.

Mine operator Middlemount Coal Pty Ltd has also been charged over the fatal incident.

They are all charged with failing to discharge health and safety obligations – causing death or grievous bodily harm.

It is alleged no assessment and no effective measures were taken to mitigate any hazards after a blast – that occurred 10 days earlier – resulted in up to three metres of hanging rock on the high wall, which was identified as likely being a “geotech issue”.

Matters involving Middlemount Coal, Mr Cuthbertson and Mr Whitley were mentioned in Mackay Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

The case against Mr Milner was mentioned last week.

All matters were adjourned to March 23 next year for mention

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