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“You Need To Go Back To Mines Department To See What Is In Their Files. They Were The Responsible Department/Minister””

“You need to go back to Mines Department to see what is in their files. They were the responsible Department/Minister””


This was the message from both the State Archives and the Parliamentary Library of Queensland.

So here I am back to square 1.

Back to the Department that for 30 years has never acknowledged the Coal Mining Explosion Research Project 1990 exists, let alone its contents.

I rang the assistant to the CEO of RSHQ Mr Mark Stone for a second time yesterday.

My request to have a face to face meeting with CEO Stone was flatly refused a second time.

“You will be allowed to speak when the Responsible Officer has been able to look into your request and has something to tell you”.

“Can you tell me who the Responsible Officer is? Will I hear from then in the next few days or will it take another year?”

“I cannot answer that question. We are well aware of your emails over the last week and Responsible Officer will respond when they have something to tell you”.




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