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Reply To Peak Downs Complaint File Note CIOCM Newman 1st May 2020

Reply To Peak Downs Complaint File Note CIOCM Newman 1st May 2020



I will be forwarding a formal reply in the fullness of time.

You make a number of interesting assertions that I will reply to.

I note that despite your unprompted verbal commitments last week you have not included any of the Mine Record Entries you referred to or any back up documentation that backs up you assurances.

For these reasons, whatever you have arbitrarily decided that the matter is closed is not correct from my point of view

Yours In Safety

Stuart Vaccaneo

—— Original Message ——
From: “NEWMAN Peter” <>
To: “stuvac stuvac” <>
Sent: Thursday, 30 Apr, 2020 At 12:55 PM
Subject: Confirmation of outcomes of feedback on PDM Complaint

Dear Stuart,

As discussed during our phone conversation on 21st April 2020, and subsequent emails, please find attached a summary of the feedback provided in that discussion on the various concerns you raised in your complaint.

As outlined at the completion of the discussion I now consider this matter closed with your concerns investigated and the finding communicated to you by way of the phone call and the attached.

Thanks you for bringing this matter to my attention.



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